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Dante is dead - Jerome's new shop is up

2007.03.18. 21:43 gg

Jerome has promised it, Jerome has done it: his label Moonpop has opened a complete webshop for Jerome-related products at The professional surface works very fine and quickly and the news section has some interesting information. The first surprise: Jerome will soon release a TD album called Dream Mixes 2.1 in te beginning of May - it will contain the best tracks from DM1 and DM2, plus two unreleased tracks which will make us buying this CD without any doubt. Second info is Jerome's own new solo album called Shiver me timbers which will be released 14th, May.

Jerome is a bad son this is very clear now - he offers a brand new T-shirt family with the following text: "Dante is dead". I think it will fit the taste of real lots of oldschool TD fans plus a legion of lovers of TD's latest, dance and dnb-oriented era trademarked by Jerome. A very funny coalition... :) We are waiting for Edgar's immediate response... :)

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Andy K 2007.03.20. 19:44:34

Can we expect 3 Hungarian fans in London then?

Andy K 2007.04.02. 19:59:35

Reduce the waiting time for Jerome Froese's second solo album "Shiver Me Timbers" and get our five track preview EP with over 30 minutes of all new music! Including two album and three bonus cuts. All EPs will be signed by Jerome Froese.

01. A Mellow Morning (from the 2007 album "Shiver Me Timbers")
02. Mrs. Misty Kiss (from the 2007 album "Shiver Me Timbers")
03. Sea Miles (Unreleased Bonus Track)
04. Joy And Sorrow (Unreleased Bonus Track)
05. Lamb With Radar Eyes (live at Circus Krone, Munich 1997) *

* performed with Tangerine Dream in 1997
Price is 12.00 EUR
The Cybersounds Team
This product will be in stock on Thursday 05 April, 2007.

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