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TD plays in Budapest, again

2012.04.08. 09:41 gg

nemzeti este 01 082

It seems to be a strict rule: Tangerine Dream plays in Budapest in every 15 years. For he first time, in 1982 they played a memorable full house Logos concert in the then-fresh venue, Budapest Sportcsarnok in front of 11,000 people; second, in 1997, Goblins Club was the supported album in Petőfi Csarnok (also crowded heavily with 2,500 people).

Now we write 2012 and it was sure we will have a TD show somewhere, somewhen. But what a gift: Edgar decided to start this year's extensive touring program here, at perhaps on of the best place TD ever played. Művészetek Palotája (shortly: MüPa, means Palace of Arts) is a widely controversial, eccentric new building of the city, offended on both the design side and on the high costs (it was built in a very strange public-privat partneship construction). On the other hand the building has won serious international architectural prizes.

What was never an issue for debates is the acoustical perfection of its main concert hall which is often said to be the best of Europe. Now we can test it with Tangerine Dream's ultra-loud, crystal-clear live music in 10th April, 2012, Tuesday at 20:00pm.

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