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10 GOTO Frankfurt

2007.09.18. 09:31 gg

After a long break we are here again and planning the Frankfurt trip to have a Night in Space with Tangerine Dream at Alte Oper. Probably Frankfurt is the city where I spent the second longest time in my life - if I add all the weeks I've been there for world's biggest musical instruments show, Musikmesse, the sum would exceed a half year. So, I could easily drive there with eyes closed without any problem and I will bring some of the friends from here - a total of 6 people at least.

We will not arrive with empty hands - in the pre-concert fan meeting we will share some rarity with you. For example a lucky mate will receive this unique piece of Hungarian newspaper from 1983 which features a 14-page long interview with TD and Klaus Schulze, taken after their big concerts in budapest, 1982. This issue has been never circulated in any known fan's and worldwide, and is also a very special item even here, in Hungary. The interview is written in Hungarian of course but someone should find the English translation I made 10+ years ago and posted in the mailing list. A scanned version can be found here.

We will also have some spare T-shirts for you, and, hopefully, an additional surprise which should shock you all... :)

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