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Surprise for Frankfurt

2007.10.05. 15:26 gg

We promised a surprise for the Frankfurt pre-concert meeting and now we finally roll up the curtain: the lucky fellows who will fill our "TD in Hungary" quiz sheet best will receive not only out legendary :) T-shirt and the original Hungarian booklet with the long TD interview inside but - we made a special CD release for you.

The disc contains a live TD material previously not available in any acceptable quality - no Tree, no Leaves, no Bootleg Box and so on... We have a fan recording - taken by Laszlo Kovacs and Ferenc Filep - of the first part of the first TD show in Hungary, performed in 1982 and now we share it with the worldwide TD community in this form.

The quality of this recording is quite acceptable - by the standard measurement it could get a strong 6 or 7. It was taken by an open reel recorder brought inside the big hall, with two decent-quality microphones with long cables which were placed hard left and right of the audience.

The sex appeal of this show was the technical failure within a Keep track - the playback tape of the backing has broken and the music suddenly stopped - the band was forced to improvise freely for some minutes. This happening is accurately preserved on our recording. We wish the winners of the disc - and all of you since we suppose the recording will be shared shortly after its launch - a nice time while listening!

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