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Still on Frankfurt

2007.10.13. 10:25 gg

The day started with a funny moment in the Hungarians' headquarters. As always, I now choosed the old historical city found some 30 kilometres far from Frankfurt, Seligenstadt. My favourite hotel is situated here at the wonderful main square, and was established in 1490 as hotel. In Sunday while having breakfast, Peter Lion suddenly discovered some familiar tunes coming  quietly from the kitchen. Is it TD? - asked me and I started to listen thoroughly. No, the radio station played the new album from Ulrich Schnauss (formerly known as Ethereal 77...).

My complete Flickr photoset can be found here.

Funny things were going on thru the days, but the biggest joke was the opening set of Tangerine Dream - a wurlitzer was playing the tune of Yesterday... Why it was so silly for us? Because in the afternoon we had a pleasant hour in the inner city of Frankfurt in a cafeteria working nine levels high, at the top of a building. While we was there our musical background was presented by a saxophone player performing on the street. His main attraction was Yesterday - he played it at least ten times while we was sitting there so we were perfectly getting used to it...

Almost forgot to mention that we were lucky not to miss the visit of Linda and Iris at the place of the fan meeting... we have arrived in time, while they were photod heavily with various fans.

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