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Completely splitted

2007.02.05. 16:59 gg

It seems very clear now: after 17 years of collaboration, Edgar father and his son will manage their lives separately. Jerome's label, Moonpop revealed its new, redesigned website at, where we can read about the agreement between the Froeses - Jerome has got back all the exclusive rights of some 80 songs from TD which were composed by him. Jerome will soon remix and re-release a lot of them under Moonpop together with some unreleased tracks. A complete list of the old songs is available at Moonpop and we caught there some real surprises.

The first Jerome-track within TD is Colorado Dawn from Canyon Dreams, it was a well-known fact already. Compilation of the Private Music years had two unreleased and very rocky songs, they all belong to Jerome now also. From Rockoon, Jerome will bring back home not less than 8 tracks, and half of 220Volt landed at him also. He got the new, guitar-based  Stratosfear (and what about the old parts of it?), and the whole DM1 with all the bonus tracks (not a surprise - rather shocking is that DM2 is only half-partly composed by Jerome).

Goblins' two definitive tracks, Towards The Evening Star and Lamb With Radar Eyes goes to Moonpop too (though the latter had very old TD-ish tunes, hadn't it?), and Tournado is almost fully composed at Jerome's music factory. Not so filled with Jerome is Mars Polaris (only 4 tracks), and Inferno (2 tracks), but he left only one track for the father from DM3, and nothing from DM4. Purgatorio is quite a dancy double album with nice grooves - but Jerome has only 4 tracks of this gigantic production - two of them are the Sun Son's Seal parts which is based on a classic-style TD sequencing line so we have to state that Jerome has excellently learnt the lesson in the band.

We wish Jerome a successful future carreer and promise we will follow his next steps at least :) - don't forget, new album in April!

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