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Destination: London

2007.02.23. 16:33 gg

All the information is public now about the upcoming London premiere show of Madcap's Flaming Duty: you can read it on the official promo poster.

What is sure now: you will find people in T-shirts again, but we still unable to tell our exact number.

For all who would buy tickets online here is a direct link to the ordering page. Be quick, the venue will be full with Pink Floyd fans.

The semi-official pre-concert fan meeting is organized by Andy at his wonderful blog here. There is a list of 51 prominent fans already from all over the world who will attend and the list is growing constantly!

Edgar and the company take surely a series of a heavy rehearsal session now - it is not easy to have a vocal concert again after such a long time you can believe me... Good luck, TD!

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Andy K 2007.02.23. 16:46:34

How long has Colin been running my blog? :D
Hope to see even more people turning up at the Jack Horner


Gabor 2007.02.23. 17:25:32

Shame on me!

I am very sorry for the horrible mistake... I corrected immediately.

Andy K 2007.02.23. 21:34:17

No problem Gabor, I should point out that Colin is doing all the hard work with amassing all the names (and calling the pub to arrange things). All I've done is just put the info on one page, so everyone can see it. Cheers mate, here's to a memorable night!

Andy K 2007.02.24. 13:17:48

59 fans and counting :)

Andy K 2007.03.02. 10:21:19

"Springtime in Nagasaki"
Article No. eastgate 014 CD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
No. of Discs: 1 CD
Status: Studio Album, Limited Edition


01. Navel Of Light
02. Persistence Of Memory

Info : In November 2006 TD got the offer from a Japanese Business Manager, who turned 82 last year, to compose and record the so-called 'Five Atomic Seasons'. As it was clear that this was a real serious assignment, TD were told that the person who ordered the composition did study during his youth in the two cities which had been destroyed by atomic bombardments back in 1945, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The five compositions had to be in length 54 minutes each. Part one and two, - Spring and Summer 1945 - the client spent living in Nagasaki, while he lived in Hiroshima in Autumn and Winter of 1945, where he survived one of the most lunatic and barbarian war crimes ever done by mankind.

Spring and Summer will describe the normal atmosphere in a Japanese city with some of the rising premonitions of what will happen on August 9th 1945. Autumn and Winter in Hiroshima will musically mirror what happened after August 6th 1945.

The Fifth Season supposes to be the ´time after´, the so-called 'endless season'.

Here you´ll have part one 'Springtime in Nagasaki', part two 'Summer in Nagasaki' will be released on July 1st this year.

TD is contractually allowed to release just a limited number of pressings through this site, so if you’re interested in this rare item, please use the possibility to pre-order the CD now in our Eastgate Shop.

Shipping will start from March 23rd on.
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