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Photo contest is finished and running

2007.11.13. 15:27 gg

The entry process of the official Eastgate photo contest for fans is closed 31th, October - and now the voting for the best pictures is up and running. You can check the photos at TD's official MySpace page with a nice slide show. I also have an entry (in the right you can see it) which will not win definitely - the distance of our seat prevented me to take much better pictures but I felt we have to throw in something for everyone's sake.

Anyway, it's very entertaining and a big joy to see all the great pictures and it's really a very-very hard task to select from them. The contest was a great idea, Edgar, we are looking forward to your next turn! :)

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Chris Newman · 2008.04.17. 02:41:14


I hope all of my Hungarian friends had a great time in Eindhoven. I was fantastic to see you all again. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photograhs of the weekend with us and I hope you all had safe trips home.

The special TD Fans Zone Radio show (Eindhoven special) with the fan interviews will go out on saturday 26th April

You all take care and look forward very much to seeing you at the next TD concert soon

Warmest wishes as always
Chris Newman

gg 2008.04.17. 10:16:18

Hi Chris, thanks for your warm words, we will soon post an article here too!

Anyway, Loreley is our next target definitely! :)
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