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Edgar's premiere in Eindhoven - the story of a drunken day

2008.04.19. 18:33 gg

Last Sunday Edgar Froese, a talented keyboard and guitar player, took his first solo concert in Eindhoven, Holland.

Yes, it is true: while Edgar composed and published many-many solo album during his career, he never played not a single concert of them. Now this era is over: with his fellow musicians in TD, he played more than two hours of material that composed exclusively by him. The event took place in Eindhoven, Holland, at the TU Auditorium, where TD already played a successful concert in 1976.

The city provided really extraordinary circumstances for the evening: their football team , PSV Eindhoven was going to win the Holland championship exactly that day - they only had to win a significantly weaker team at home to have the title. (PSV's top scorer, Balazs Dzsudzsak is a Hungarian guy so we also supported them a lot.) The whole city was flagged by PSV, and every people weared PSV's colors during the whole day. And nearly everybody was drunken in the morning :)

Unfortunately they played only draw, so the decision had to wait until the next weekend.

During the afternoon, the main supporting act, Ron Boots started the line of the performances with his band. Ron is really a nice guy, he let us to record the show with two cameras in HD, and supported us with his positiv personality. His program was very energic, groovy, and was worth of attention.

But what we were waiting for is Edgar's concert, which featured a small sensation: after almost a 30 years break, Edgar played a real Mellotron again. The classical vintage instrument, which heavily characterised TD's music during the seventies, was used in an old Edgar song, Maroubra Bay, a favourite track of most of us. The piece itself was not a vintage gear: the company that responsible for making them has released a brand new Mellotron model last year, and that was the one that Edgar played.

The visual design of the stage was very simple but elegant: a constant, uncoloured lighting was used during the whole night, with no any additional light effect, four coloured, programmed LED columns were the only attraction, together with the projected animations and some smoke sometimes. Musically the selection was very wide, from the very old tracks to the very new ones. All the musicians were working heavily while the instrumentation gave all of them jobs almost permanently. Some old tracks got new, modern rhythmic accompaniment from machines, and from Iris, too. And Edgar played most of the lead lines himself.

Bernhard was not on the lucky side since he successfully killed his guitar amplifier in the first minutes, and after it he heroically recabled his system real-time during the performance. Edgar also played a guitar solo, Hamlet, and slightly quoted the very recognisable guitar sound from Talking to Maddox in the middle part.

Shortly after the performance, the whole band, lead by Edgar came out to the hall for a public photo session and chat with the fans. On the picture you can see the result of our small game with Bianca - who can take more photos on the other party.

This sexy pose from Iris was not a matter of random-catching - she performed it consciously, you can believe me. After the shot she examined the photo with care and found she seems to be drunken. Guess, is she right?

By the way, the band played the classic track Drunken Mozart, of course.

More pictures from us on the web can be found here.

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andy k 2008.04.22. 23:47:42

Nice write up, that reminds me I need to do mine now.

all the best


andy k 2008.05.04. 19:52:56

Drunken? you lot looked sober at the hotel...mind you that was about 6PM ;)


andy k 2008.10.29. 20:04:49

how many Hungarian fans are taking the trip over for the London or Edinburgh concert? ;)

Lamb 2008.11.03. 12:43:32

At least 2 attended - me and my mate went to the Picture House last night and the gig was FANTASTIC! I filmed the 99% of it, wonderful quality with great sound. (EagleDog Bootleg Productions)
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