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London, 2005: hard to overshadow

2006.09.17. 07:44 gg

Since TD has no new message about their upcoming performance (just four days to go!) on the website since April everybody wonders what we can expect. The info they spreaded last time projects a similar program what we got in Shepherds Bush, London, 2005, but it isn't easy to beat. I was really…


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Live concert on the latest fan meeting

2006.09.14. 13:46 gg

Our latest IRL meeting (kept October 29th, 2005) had a speciality: three of us - nicknames: adsr, Peter Lion and me - formed an electronic improvisation trio and gave a 90-minutes live concert with some visuals for the 100+ audience. The event was not advertised in any way only friends…


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Technical difficulties in 1982, Budapest

2006.09.11. 15:44 gg

Edgar, please, don't kill me! What's next is a clear break of your copyright, but this crystal clear evidence of your heroic work must reach the audience.In 1982, TD was not the first western pop production which performed a live concert in Hungary but they were not far from it (between the first…


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About us

2006.09.11. 10:01 gg

Who is behind this blog - if you read our posts the question could touch your mind perhaps. There is no mystery - the group of an extensive bunch of enthusiastic TD listener started to form in March 6th, 2000, when a new topic has born between ten thousands of other conversations of leading…


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