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How TD put itself on my map?

2006.09.30. 14:40 Dzsedzs

How Tangerine Dream put itself on my map? That is, how I did first came into contact with TD. Well, not an interesting story, but maybe it shows how diffenert we, TD lovers, have different tastes within the music that TD gives. One day in ~1992, I went to the library (where I used to borrow…


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Paradiso is finally here

2006.09.29. 16:28 gg

After a year of waiting the third episode of the Dante-trilogy, Paradiso has arrived to us. Inferno was a surprise of his experimental orchestration; Purgatorio set the level even higher with returning to a more conventional pop sound but keeping Inferno's advancements - Paradiso is something mixed…


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My time in Berlin

2006.09.28. 16:18 Dzsedzs

With a big apetite, I myself have waited for the big day for the start of this journey to Berlin to see Tangerine Dream live. It was a great achievement from us that 22 members of our club could menaged to go, thus making us to be in the top three nations for sure who payed a visit to this…


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The new special edition EP

2006.09.26. 10:43 gg

TD always releases an EP dedicated to their memorable events - it's a tradition already and it continued in Tempodrom with this nice piece.The title of the disk is the same as the event: "40 years roadmap to music" and the cover contains three brand new track from the latest works of the…


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Tempodrom: hardware and software

2006.09.25. 10:10 gg

A TD performance always draws kind attention to the technical details. We are not in the position to cover the whole equipment on stage but we noticed one or two things.The synth setup was combined from software and hardware synthesizers. Edgar played mainly his old Roland D70 - this early digital…


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